Concrete Additions in Milwaukee

Are you looking to construct concrete additions in your property? Whether you’re installing a patio, RV pad, AC pad, or basketball slab, selecting a professional concrete services contractor with a good track record and experience is paramount. By working with a reputable and skilled contractor, you can be sure that your project will be completed as per your expectations. We, at Milwaukee Concrete Contractor, are a licensed and bonded concrete contractor known for our quality, durable, and affordable concrete services. With over 30 years of experience serving Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, you can trust our highly skilled builders to work on your project.

At Milwaukee Concrete Contractor, our goal is to meet if not to surpass our client’s expectations by installing durable and aesthetically-pleasing concrete structures.

The problem with concrete is that cracks and puddles will not appear until a few days or months after the installation. You’ll realize later that your contractor did a shoddy job, and now you have to redo the entire project again. To avoid such a predicament, it’s essential to vet your contractor properly to ensure they are licensed and experienced.

Concrete Additions Milwaukee

You can trust us to install you a durable concrete addition at an affordable cost. Here are some of our services;

RV Pads

Buying a motorhome or recreation vehicle is an expensive investment that you should protect as much as possible to prolong its lifespan. One way to do this is to build a good pad where your RV will be resting when not in use. Concrete is considered the best material to use in the construction of your RV. This is due to its durability, strength. It also protects the RV’s tires and prevents the underside of the vehicle from rusting. If you’re looking to build a quality, durable RV pad, you can trust us at Milwaukee Concrete Contractor to complete your project. We use premium materials to construct a pad that will serve you for many years with minimal maintenance.

Concrete Patios

Your backyard is your outdoor room, which serves many purposes. You can plant a beautiful garden or build an outdoor fireplace to make your backyard functional. Another structure you can construct in your backyard to make it even more functional is a concrete patio. There are many materials you can choose to lay the foundation of your patio, but none can beat concrete.

At Milwaukee Concrete Contractor, we have a solid reputation for building durable and beautiful patios. We can even finish your patio surface to mimic expensive concrete alternatives like pavers, slate, or marble. Give us a call to discuss how you want your patio built, and we will be glad to meet your expectations.

AC pads

AC condensers are usually heavy and need to be installed on a sturdy surface that will support their weight. Concrete is a perfect material for this purpose due to its strength, durability, and longevity. It can keep your AC safe and even extend its life. At Milwaukee Concrete Contractor, we can help you lay a stable, durable AC pad that will last many years.

Basketball slabs

When it comes to laying a basketball slab, you want something compact and strong so that it will not sink over time. The surface should also be sealed and have a smooth trowel finish to make it safe. At Milwaukee Concrete Contractor, we install durable basketball slabs at an affordable cost. We reinforce it with rebar to make the pad sturdy and durable.

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